“Since having my PT session with Jack I feel so much stronger and healthier, my body has changed dramatically!
Not only does he push me hard in the gym, but we have a laugh for the whole session too. It's never the same, he varies the session every week! 
I now feel confident to go to the gym on my own, but I wouldn't stop my PT sessions as they spur me on!" 


As the months have progressed using what I have been shown in each PT session has given me a greater sense of confidence, not just in the gym where I can now go to any piece of kit & not look like an idiot using it, but also in my life in general. I feel better, stand tall & have a lot more energy. I feel happier with my level of fitness, in fact I just feel happier in myself. Having someone friendly to chat to, big me up & show me the correct way/ form for each workout (which extends to anytime we see each other at the gym!) Jack is always willing to take time to assist. I am terrible at making friends & kept myself to myself initially but through his 'Sweatfest' class & the #getjackfit community I have made friends with other gym users & regularly join group classes at gym. I like the way I am shaping up & love my outlook & attitude since embracing fitness! Thanks Jack” 


“Since starting PT with Jack I have gained more confidence in my appearance and increased my knowledge of a variety of gym exercises to target certain muscle groups. I have more energy since starting PT, feel stronger, healthier, happier and now have a changed mindset around healthier eating without the sacrifice of enjoying life! Thanks Jack!”  

Testimonials from Social Media


“I cannot thank Jack enough for his support over this last 9 months. Since starting my PT sessions with him, I have lost inches from my body and improved my physical fitness but Jack has inspired and encouraged me to do far more and go much further than just this!!! 

I now have confidence, happiness and a belief that I can do anything!!! 

I cannot recommend him enough! Jack will push and challenge you but in the supportive way some of us need!! Thank you for an incredible year - bring on 2023!!!!”



“I love how Jack always pushes me to do better even when I say I can’t go any heavier or do any more reps, he encourages me to try. Jack makes our PT sessions fun and engaging. Loved working with you this year 💪🏼 thank you”


“Doing PT this year has just changed my whole outlook on exercise, its now fun and doesn't feel like a chore!

 During my very first PT session I hated looking at myself in the mirror and now it's all I do! 

Thank you Jack, still a long way to go to get into that wedding dress but we'll get there!” 



“I love the energy Jack brings to every class and how he has pushed me even when I have thought or said 'I can't'. I am definitely stronger than where I was this time last year”



“Before Jack, the gym scared me! I'd use the cardio machines but never had the confidence with the rest. Jack taught me how to use different equipment to work then into a programme.

Monday nights became a staple part of my routine in 2022. Even though I have struggled with motivation over the last few months keeping up with Monday's session meant I have kept going, on my own I would have given up ages ago! 

Through the year I have got stronger.

Thanks Jack!”



“I’ve loved every single class I’ve done with Jack this year! 

He’s approachable (I’m very much a beginner), supportive but also take no less than 100% effort! Thanks for helping me make exercise a part of my week that I don’t dread!”



“I have worked out at home for years. Got up early, turned up and ticked the box for the day, and that is all I did, I ticked the box. This year with Jack Fit PT I have smashed that box.. literally the Jump box!!! 

I have realised how important having the personal aspect of training is. Someone who sees you, helps you, pushes and encourages you. It’s a different level. 

This has been an insane journey for me. I feel fitter, stronger and more confident. 

It’s my therapy, my escapism and my mindfulness.” 


“Doing PT this year has made me so much more confident in myself and in the gym. 

I now feel strong and I am able to do so much more than I ever thought I could! 

I could never have done this without Jack pushing and teaching me. He always has the best motivational and positive energy and make all sessions super fun and enjoyable. I always leave the gym feeling happy and positive (and with sore muscles lol) after a PT session with Jack” ☺️


“Since having PT sessions and coming to Jacks classes, it has completely changed my attitude towards the gym… I actually enjoy going!!!

Jack has introduced me to the weights and given me the direction I needed to get the results that I want. My body shape has changed dramatically, and I actually feel so much more confident in myself and my body!

You have taught me to NOT focus on the scales… but my overall body health and stats. I have been amazed by some of the results!”



“I’ve become stronger, healthier and more confident as Jack said I would. I never thought I would be able to push the weights or come as far as I’ve come. I never gave up 🙌 Thank you for the encouragement and for pushing me. 

Never a dull moment with Jack! 

Thank you Jack, the journey has been hard but so worth it”



“Being a gym virgin, having Jack as a PT has given me a structure and accountability to my workouts. 

I would recommend everyone to use Jack Fit, from a gym novice through to expert. 

Jack listens to your needs and goals and will tailor make the plan and sessions based on exactly what you are wanting to achieve”



“I didn’t ever do any gym work. Since starting PT with Jack I actually enjoy the sessions because I feel stronger, fitter and they are always fun. No session is ever the same so I don’t get bored. 


Thank you for everything!”

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